Congratulations Scholars!!!
Congratulations to the 29 incoming eighth-graders who made honor roll during the fourth quarter of their seventh grade year. These students are to be commended for their dedication and hard work. We wish them all the best in eighth grade.

Highest Honors (4.0)

Arong, Karly

Bekhtel, Daniel


Delgado, Andrew

Galan, Liana

Howser, Sopheary

Le, Leah

Mora, Noe

Pandey, Raeva

Ramirez, Liliana

Rennard, Stella

Shepherd, Shannon

Shih, Evan

Sperisen, Reid

Uno, Sarah

Honors (3.5-3.9)

Banaag, Zachary

Barron, Angelo

Brown, Camille

Churchill, Monique

Fields, Cameron

Greeno, Grace

Griffith, Rei

Gur, Yonathan

Karabala, Ahmad

Lee, Sophia

Malik, Zainab

Maness, Mackenzie

Meek, Natalie

Rapier, Isabella

Bencivenga, Athena