Who's New at Brookside?

Welcome to our AMAZING Brookside bobcats family!
Ms Ridley

Welcome home Ms. Karen Ridley! Ms. Ridley is elated that she is returning back to Brookside as one of our new assistant principals.  Many of you may remember her, as she was one of our talented sixth grade teachers for several years.  She looks forward to building and renewing relationships with the amazing students, parents, and staff of our school.  You can look for her on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.    

Kelly Flanagan
Welcome Ms. Kelly Flanagan!  Ms. Flannagan is delighted to serve as one of our assistant principals this school year.  She is looking forward to helping students solve problems and building relationships with our student body, parents, and staff.  You can look for Ms. Flannagan every Wednesday.
Ms Richardson

A huge welcome to Jonelle Richardson!  Mrs. Richardson will be teaching 4th grade.   She is ecstatic about being back in the classroom teaching after taking time to be with her own kiddos while they were little.  She is looking forward to teaching amazing kids and getting to know amazing families, as well as, the amazing Brookside staff. 

Welcome back Mrs. Sarah Sprague!  Sarah is very happy to be back at Brookside Elementary.  She is returning to the teaching profession as our 4-8 intervention teacher after a long (partial) hiatus.  Mrs. Sprague is excited about the new experiences she will have this year and is most looking forward to working with our staff to improve the lives of students through the amazing world of literacy.  

We are so excited to have you on our team, Alyssa Ramirez!  Alsyssa will be our new school psychologist.  She looks forward to getting to know all of the amazing staff members, students, and families.  Mrs. Ramirez also looks forward to working with our wonderful teachers to ensure that our students are getting all the help they need to be successful. 


A huge welcome to Kaity French!  Kaity will be teaching 7/8 science this year.  She is looking forward to meeting and connecting with our students and families.  Mrs. French is excited about watching her students learn and cannot wait to see the look on a student’s face when what they are learning clicks. 

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to our new resource specialist, Andrea Green!  She is looking forward to an exciting school year full of learning and laughs!